We are Melbourne and Geelong

The Warehouse

Wednesday 9pm

The Warehouse takes the best sketches from Stupid Old Channel and brings them to your TV box along with...

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Australian Classic Film

Sunday 8:30pm

Featuring some of the most iconic and vibrant Aussie films from the last forty years, filmed in some familiar places...

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The Jono and Dehne Show

Friday 10pm

The Jono and Dehne Show is an Australian animated comedy program chronicling the lives of two good friends who share a...

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Atomic Kingdom

Saturday 9pm
Repeated Saturday 12am

Atomic Kingdom is an anthology of stories to be told within the new world. It is set 500 years in the future...

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That's Good For Footy

Thursday 7:30pm
Repeated Friday 4pm

That's Good For Footy presents Footy Fanatics, a live AFL footy panel show. Join host Tony Shaw as he is joined each...

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C31 Guide for 3rd September, 2014

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