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The Story So Far

Season 2 starts March 7
Saturday 8:30pm
Repeated Monday 11:30pm, Saturday 12am

The Story So Far is an entertaining music talk show with conversations & performances from some of the...

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Speaker TV

Friday 9:30pm
Repeated Sunday 3:30am, Wednesday 2:30am

Speaker TV is the show at the cutting edge of Gen Y’s favourite things: bands and brands. The show provides an...

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Media Strikes Back

Monday 8pm
Repeated Tuesday 7:30am, Friday 4:30pm, 10pm, Sunday 12am

Media Strikes Back brings you the latest music, fashion, events and art fresh out of Melbourne. Check us out to...

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The Musician Speaks

Monday 7:30pm
Repeated Thursday 1:30am, Friday 2:30am, 7:30pm

The Musician Speaks with Jade Leonard is a music performance program celebrating incredibly talented...

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Community Kitchen

Wednesday 8:30pm
Repeated Sunday 3am, Wednesday 5am, Monday 3:30am, 8am

More comedians, more kitchens, more mess!

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C31 Guide for 28th February, 2015

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