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Is your organisation using online video effectively?

Community Builder grew out of a simple idea - we've seen too many amazing stories gathering dust on YouTube, so we decided to do something about it.

We help non-profits tell video stories, and we make sure this content reaches its target audience.

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Priced for Non-Profits

Budget issues? We get it. We're a non-profit too!

Our aim is to assist organisations of all sizes to improve their online presence. We offer flexible pricing, and monthly or quarterly payment options.

View our 2018 price list or contact us for a quote.

Community Builder is a social enterprise unit of Melbourne's Community TV and online broadcaster, C31.

Our purpose is to build the digital capacity of Victoria's not-for-profit sector by developing video communication campaigns that aid the activities of partner organisations. 

Every project provides job training opportunities and career pathways for C31 production assistants from all walks of life.