Community Builder

Filming & Video Production

By 2020, 80% of web content will be video. Is your organisation ready? 


Options to Suit Any Event or Budget

Whether it's a simple piece to camera, a roving camera team at a conference, multi-cam coverage of a sporting or arts event, or a studio production, our team is ready to go at a moment's notice. 

Piece to camera.

Campaign video.

Event coverage.

Hygiene vs Hero Content

Social media is a hungry beast! For continual community growth, video needs to be a big part of your daily content schedule. Build engagement with regular snippets of "hygiene" content, and release your polished "hero" piece to a captivated audience.

Hygeine content - daily videos to improve the health of your channel.

Hero content - ‘go big’ moments to raise awareness

Shoot Once, Edit Forever

Through careful planning and creative execution, a single film shoot can result in many months' worth of content for your communications plan.