Apply To Become A Member Of MCTC Ltd Or An Associate Organisation

Membership of Melbourne Community Television Consortium is open to not-for-profit, community based organisations which meet the Membership criteria.

The criteria are that a Member must:

  • be a not-for-profit corporate body, such as a public company limited by guarantee or an incorporated association;

  • have as one of its primary purposes the production of community television content by and for a specific community of interest which is not served by an existing Member;

  • be based within the Licence Area, with a membership predominantly drawn from within the Licence Area;

  • be open to accepting people from its community of interest as members of the organisation;

  • have a grievance procedure in its constitution relating to membership exclusion;

  • provide content which embraces and reflects the diversity within its community;

  • allow its community of interest to have a say in determining the content being produced and provided for the community;

  • allow its members to produce television content without undue restrictions; and

  • demonstrate a commitment to serving its community of interest through the provision of at least 26 weeks of programming each year which is first-run, locally produced television content.

The application form to become a Member can be found here. The Member Information Sheet to accompany the application form can be found here.

Organisations which do not meet the criteria for Membership may still be eligible to become Associate Organisations if they are:

  • a not-for-profit body, such as a company limited by guarantee or an incorporated association; and

  • based within the license coverage area of the community broadcasting license held by the Company

The application form to become an Associate Organisation can be found here. The Associate Organisations Charter can be found here.

Applications can be emailed to or mailed to:

The Secretary
Melbourne Community Television Consortium Ltd
Level 11, 277 William Street
Victoria  3000