There are two ways that organisations can be part of Melbourne Community Television Consortium Ltd: they can become a Member of the company, or they can be an Associate Organisation.  

Members and Associate Organisations must be not-for-profit organisations based within the licence area of the C31 television service (Greater Melbourne and Geelong). Usually Members and Associate Organisations are incorporated associations registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.  Incorporated associations are by definition not-for-profit organisations. Organisations with different corporate structures may need to include a specific provision in their constitution ensuring their not-for-profit status.

Member organisations are focused on providing television access to a specific community of interest or a geographical region. They are required to be open, democratic organisations, which allow their members to produce programs and access airtime on C31, and have access to decision making bodies both within their own organisation and C31.

Member organisations must have an on-going ability to produce local community television programming, to ensure that they are effectively serving their community and allowing members of their community to participate.

Associate Organisations are not-for-profit organisations which do not meet the requirements to become a Member of the company but still wish to participate in community television. Associate Organisations may be organisations which do not have community television production as their primary goal. Organisations newly joining the consortium usually begin as Associate Organisations while they build up their own membership and ability to produce locally made television content.

Member organisations are guaranteed access to two half-hour program timeslots per week for first-run, locally produced programming. Associate Organisations are guaranteed access to one half-hour timeslot per week for first-run programming.

A Member organisation is able to appoint a person as act as its representative at Assembly meetings.

Annual fees are currently $300 for Members and $240 for Affiliates.

Individuals wishing to become involved in community television can either become a member of an existing Member or Associate Organisation which covers their community of interest, or they can join with like-minded people to start a new Member or Associate Organisation .