Explore the diverse and dynamic 3CR community in the latest episode of Broadcast Radio Australia.


Sharing the stories of our national community broadcasting family, Broadcast Radio Australia is a brand new Channel 31 series that showcases the diversity that exists within Australia's community radio sector.

In this episode, we explore Melbourne's popular AM station 3CR, sitting at 855 on the AM dial.

3CR is a dynamic, community-hub that has produced radio since 1976. Currently they have over 400 volunteers, 2 full-time staff members and 4 part-time staff members. 3CR broadcasters present around 125 radio programs every week, with 20 community language shows in 13 different languages, and 10 hours of Indigenous programming.

The radio station was established in 1976 to provide a voice for those denied access to the mass media, particularly the working class, women, Indigenous people and the many community groups and community issues discriminated against in and by the mass media. Many 3CR broadcasters are community activists and therefore uniquely placed to present alternative current affairs, news and views.

When major social justice events are happening in Melbourne (such as strikes, rallies and demonstrations), 3CR is usually the first place socially justice minded people turn to.


You can learn more about 3CR via the links below:

Mitchell Kalika

Media junkie who doesn't know when to say no. Social entrepreneur and wordsmith.