Alex Cobo Football Academy Junior Program


C31 Series - The Locker Room

Catch up with Alex Cobo from Alex Cobo's Football Academy in Brunswick as he discusses his Junior Program

Dedicated to the sporting clubs and related businesses that help our local communities thrive, The Locker Room is a brand new series ready to show you the skills (and personalities!) behind your favourite local teams.

This episode features Alex Cobo Football Academy's junior program, a development program designed to build star footballers out of today's youth.

Alex Cobo is the inspiration behind the AC Football Academy. He first established his football program in 2010 with the intention of providing an alternative option for players keen on pursuing a professional soccer career.

Alex has progressed into an elite level coach stemming from his extensive experience as a soccer player in South America and Australia. 

He currently manages a team of six coaching staff and is responsible for the effective operation of the AC Football Academy.

The success of AC Football Academy relies strongly on the cohesion between their experienced coaches, administrative staff and the enormous potential of their multi-national players.

Their goal is to nurture individual football talent and support these players in achieving international success.


Business Name: Alex Cobo Football Academy



Phone Number: +61 430 831 316


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