Alpheys Garage


C31 Series - Octane

Catch up with Ian Alphey from Alpheys Garage in Cranbourne

Sharing the stories of the local businesses that make our Australian automotive industry world-class, Octane is a brand new series ready to show you the personalities and experience of the people who look after your pride and joy.

This episode features Alpheys Garage, a one-stop auto shop servicing the greater Cranbourne area and beyond.

The Alphey name has been known in the Devon Meadows and Cranbourne areas for over 100 years. William Alphey built one of the first homes in Devon Meadows, Roly Alphey ran a truck and bobcat business for over 30 years, and now Ian Alphey has created Alpheys Garage, continuing his families legacy of servicing the areas motoring related needs.

The team at Alpheys Garage place great importance on making you feel at home and comfortable when calling or popping by. Gone are the days of feeling intimidated by your mechanic, or feeling bullied into purchasing something you don't need - the gender diverse nature of the Alpheys Garage team helps to reduce your stress, and their way of working ensures that your vehicle is looked after as if it was one of their own.


Business Name: Alpheys Garage



Phone Number: (03) 5995 9568

Specialty: Automotive repairs and service


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