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C31 Series - Octane

Catch up with Chris from Auto Comfort in Tullamarine

Sharing the stories of the local businesses that make our Australian automotive industry world-class, Octane is a brand new series ready to show you the personalities and experience of the people who look after your pride and joy.

This episode features Auto Comfort, a vehicle comfort and truck service centre based out of Tullamarine, Victoria.

Specialising in sunroof installations and repairs, custom luxury interiors and evaporative cooling systems for trucks, the team at Auto Comfort takes pride in their ability to bring out the best in anyone's pride and joy - often completely reversing the effects of aging on your pride and joy.

Not just stopping at OEM-installed luxury items, Auto Comfort can create a custom solution to install a sunroof or luxury interior in whatever car you own, instantly increasing it's street-cred (and value!).

Auto Comfort also work with trucks to keep your drivers cruising in comfort. Using the latest, top-of-the-range Webasto temperature control systems so that your drivers can travel comfortably no matter the time of year or location.


Business Name: Auto Comfort



Phone Number: (03) 9334 2339

Specialty: Sunroof installations, custom interiors and climate control installations.


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