Car Whisperer


C31 Series - Octane

Catch up with Matthew at Car Whisperer in Hastings.

Sharing the stories of the local businesses that make our Australian automotive industry world-class, Octane is a brand new series ready to show you the personalities and experience of the people who look after your pride and joy.

It’s been over seven years since they opened their shop in Hastings and they would like to thank all of their loyal customers for supporting them and making it possible for them to continue looking after their customers in the best way possible.

At Car Whisperer they carry out all types of repair and maintenance to all vehicles, big and small. They are a licensed Vic Roads Roadworthy Testing Centre for Light Vehicles and Light Vehicles fitted with LPG systems up to 4.5 Tonne

With over 30 years experience in the industry you can trust them with your pride and joy.

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Business Name: Car Whisperer

Phone Number: 03 5979 4434