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In conjunction with crowdfunding platform Chuffed, Channel 31 Melbourne presents a series focusing on some of Australia's most interesting, emerging non-profit business initiatives.

Farmwall is a pioneering start up, on a mission to transform cities into food producing ecosystems. They design and implement natural, food producing solutions in urban spaces, with the goal of enhancing the built environment with positive social and environmental outcomes.

To put it simply, a Farmwall is a natural, vertical farm that grows fresh herbs and microgreens inside cafes and restaurants. Read more about how Geert and the Farmwall team have used Chuffed to support their journey here.

Farmwall also operate The Urban Farm, an urban greenhouse supplying sustainably grown produce to local venues.

Staff at Richmond cafe Top Paddock with their Farmwall (image via ).

Staff at Richmond cafe Top Paddock with their Farmwall (image via

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