Parts 4 Auto


C31 Series - Octane

Catch up with Mehmet and Kim from Parts 4 Auto in Bannockburn.

Sharing the stories of the local businesses that make our Australian automotive industry world-class, Octane is a brand new series ready to show you the personalities and experience of the people who look after your pride and joy.

This episode features Bannockburn’s Parts 4 Automotive.

Parts 4 Automotive P/L was formed in February 2001 by a group of independent automotive businesses in order to obtain collective trading advantages including negotiating supplier contracts and paying healthy rebates to the member stores.

These businesses were part of an automotive group and were fed up with being dictated to as regards stock holding, advertising etc.

The Parts 4 Automotive Pty Ltd group is committed to maintaining your stores independence whilst gaining all of the purchasing, advertising, and product range availability that is available to the other major buying groups.

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Business Name: Parts 4 Auto


Phone Number: 0418 523 307

Specialty: Quality Service and Expert Knowledge