Tony Kart Australia


C31 Series - Octane

Catch up with Greg Smith from Tony Kart Australia in Braeside

Sharing the stories of the local businesses that make our Australian automotive industry world-class, Octane is a brand new series ready to show you the personalities and experience of the people who look after your pride and joy.

This episode features Tony Kart Australia, a boutique go-kart dealer and manufacturer based out of Braeside, Victoria.

Tony Kart are the world leaders in chassis design, materials and innovations. Their results, and the results of Tony Kart chassis all over Australia prove this claim.

Tony Kart Australia are the selected importers for the Australian karting marketplace, importing chassis that are specifically designed to perform in our classes and conditions.


Business Name: Tony Kart Australia



Phone Number: (03) 9580 3905

Specialty: Tony Kart chassis import and general kart maintenance


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