Training Day Gym


C31 Series - The Locker Room

Catch up with Athan at Training Day Gym in Clayton.

Dedicated to the sporting clubs and related businesses that help our local communities thrive, The Locker Room is a brand new series ready to show you the skills (and personalities!) behind your favourite local teams.

This episode features the Training Day Gym in Clayton, a recreational training facility with a focus on strength, performance and functional training.

The team at Training Day Gym are dedicated to ensuring that your sessions are fun and positive. Pushing through when something heavy tries to keep you down is what we do in the gym, but it's also what we do in life. 

So as you get stronger and fitter in the gym, you'll realise that life can be much better when you're fit enough to enjoy it.

The team place your satisfaction above all else, because they want you to love their place as much as they do.

The gyms uplifting atmosphere will do two things to you: challenge and inspire you to improve.


Business Name: Training Day Gym



Phone Number: +61 435 357 087


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