Capture the attention of a loyal and culturally diverse Melbourne audience with Channel 31 TV.

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Television is a great way to build your brand and talk to an engaged audience. 

From creating your ad to making sure it's in front of the right people, Channel 31 has got you covered. We tailor our campaigns to match your budget and objectives.

With a large and diverse viewership that love the station and what we stand for, we continue to deliver real content, made by real people for real people.

Rugs Galore
Rugs Galore have been advertising with C31 for five years and the response has been fantastic.

It's very affordable compared to other marketing mediums.

We strongly recommend anyone market their product or business with C31, they have assisted us in becoming a market leader.
WOT Hobbies
Marketing WOT with C31 has given us an amazing response. We have comments daily from new customers.

A visual medium is WOT really helps us sell our exciting products, and advertising on TV with C31 gives us that opportunity.

It's affordable, and it's WOT works for us!

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If you'd like to learn more about how your business can benefit from advertising on Channel 31 TV, leave your details and one of our TV specialists will be in touch.

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