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Working with businesses like yours for over 20 years.

Channel 31 has been the marketing partner of small and medium-sized businesses in the Melbourne and Geelong region for over 20 years.

We're a dedicated team of traditional media, digital media and video production experts, ready to help you build your business for a fraction of the cost of other agencies.

Whether you're interested in television advertising, video production, social media marketing or livestreaming - we can tailor packages and prices to match your individual businesses needs.


We're not just selling advertising packages though, we're ultimately working towards become your marketing partner and friend. Independent of the size or scope of your business, our goal is to help your business reach great heights - and show off to your local community the value and strength of small businesses in our modern world.

Channel 31 was founded to represent the minority groups, organisations and cultures that are often misrepresented or ignored on mainstream television, and after 20 years of hard work we're still working hard towards this goal.

Support your local community and grow your business with Channel 31, your gateway to the Melbourne & Geelong region, and beyond!

Television Advertising

We are Melbourne and Geelong.

Television is a great way to build your brand and talk to an engaged audience, and with only seven minutes of advertisements per hour, your brand stands out on community television.

From creating your ad to making sure it's in front of the right people, Channel 31 has got you covered. We tailor our campaigns to match your budget and objectives.

With a large and diverse viewership that love the station and what we stand for, we continue to deliver real content, made by real people for real people.


Video Production

Professional Video on a Budget.

We are now offering professionally produced video content at an affordable price, designed to help your business tell its stories of triumph (and show the world why they should get involved with what you're doing).

Video content has more recently become a crucial part of any businesses online presence, and our tailored and affordable approach makes video content available for you and your business to use.

We offer between two and four hour shoots, with a guaranteed targeted audience of up to 10,000 viewers on Facebook and YouTube. You can even become the featured business behind one of our many programs, such as Octane, The Locker Room and The Bridal Diaries.

Facebook Marketing

Keeping Social Media Simple.

Attract new customers, generate leads and drive quality customers to your website with our Facebook and Instagram advertising platform.

We've partnered with our Facebook marketing partner, Tiger Pistol, to offer affordable and highly targeted social media advertising campaigns designed to drive quality customers through the doors of your business.

Our team of social media marketing specialists will help you build out the perfect campaign for your business, create industry-standard copy and imagery for your advertisements and ultimately save you money - all while providing you detailed results on your own personalised dashboard.

Channel 31 also has the exclusive rights to run video advertisements through the Tiger Pistol platform, allowing you to double your reach and brand exposure - ultimately getting more people through your door.

Livestreaming Services

Broadcast Quality Livestreaming

Propel your brand, build partnerships and engage your customers and audience no matter where they are with our world-class outside broadcast and livestreaming technology.

We create productions that connect with audiences in real-time, using devices and platforms central to how people connect, all at a low price designed to be affordable for your business.

With over 25 years experience in broadcast television production, there is simply no better online livestreaming partner than ThirtyOne.

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