VAC Hypothetical


Part of the Midsumma festival, the VAC Hypothetical brings together comedians, doctors, politicians, activists and authors, and throws them into a fictional world where they tackle the big topics affecting LGBTIQ+ communities.

Struggling with large audience sizes, the VAC Hypothetical team approached ThirtyOne Livestreaming to help share their event with individuals who were unable to secure a seat, and the wider community.

Partnering with C31 Melbourne and Geelong, ThirtyOne Livestreaming is C31's preferred broadcast partner, allowing marginalised and non-mainstream communities a platform to share and bring focus to the events and issues that are regularly faced by these communities.

Broadcast live on community television and YouTube, the Hypothetical took advantage of our multi-camera livestreaming solutions and outside broadcast capabilities, allowing us to stream live from the Deakin Edge in Federation Square.

Mitchell Kalika

Media junkie who doesn't know when to say no. Social entrepreneur and wordsmith.