Suspension? Raised.
Bodywork? Aftermarket.
Top speed? bloody fast.


Whether you like climbing big mountains, racing around tracks or just looking at pretty cars - Melbourne’s home of grassroots motorsport is (and always has been) Channel 31.


4x4 Together

Lovers of all things outdoors, Phiranno and Colby’s favourite past time is doing anything outdoors.

With tricked out cars and amazing stories to tell, this is one you won’t want to miss.

You can watch 4x4 Together on Thursday nights at 8.30pm, first on Channel 31.


Scaled Down TV


Featuring all the toys you wish you had as a child, ScaledDownTV is a showcase of all things scale modelling.

From RC cars to RC boats, planes, drones, model railways and tabletop games, tune in each week to gain a bigger perspective on all things half sized.

ScaledDownTV airs Thursday’s at 7.00pm, only on Channel 31.


Top of Down Under

Described as the first lady of four wheel driving, Penny Wells is on a quest to uncover the best of Australia’s 4WD trails.

From bull-dust to barramundi, winch cables to waterfalls and everything in between; tune in to Top of Down Under for the trip of a lifetime.

Top of Down Under airs on Thursday nights at 9.00pm.


Bumper 2 bumper


Focusing on the cars of yesteryear, Bumper 2 Bumper is not just about the cars, but the people who build and maintain them after all these years.

With more classic cars than you can shake a stick at, Bumper 2 Bumper is all about people, power and passion - Something that host Rusty holds very close to his heart.

Bumper 2 Bumper airs on Thursday nights at 7.30pm, first on C31.


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