Prepare your tastebuds,
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The best restaurants and foods are never found on main roads or thoroughfares - To truly delight your tastebuds, you need to hike down backstreets and small towns.

This is the exact same approach you should be taking with the shows you watch on TV.

Come take a trip down the back-alleys of television with C31, and experience a whole host of new foods, hosts and experiences you just won’t find on commercial television.



Join host Sally Stanton as she journeys to find the soul of great wines, told through winemakers whose vineyards hold epicurean delights best experienced first hand.

Under the guidance of James Halliday himself, season two focuses on Australia’s First Families of Wine. Featuring a road-trip around Australia, The Halliday Cellar Door delves into the stories and wines that have lifted these wineries to such great heights.

You can watch The Halliday Cellar Door on Wednesday nights at 8.30pm, first on Channel 31.


Regional Italian Cuisine


The longest running cooking show on C31, Regional Italian Cuisine is hosted by Melbourne restaurateur Caterina Borsato of Caterina’s Cucina e Bar in Melbourne.

Having travelled through regional Italy in search of the finest recipes and tastes around, join Caterina as she shows you not only how to cook splendid meals not before seen on Australian TV, but also takes you through the history of the cuisine as told first hand by their creators.

Regional Italian Cuisine airs at 8.30pm on Saturday’s, first on C31.


THE Food and Wine Trails of w.a

Showcasing the best of Western Australia’s food and beverages, Chef Maurizio catches crab and cooks it on a houseboat, marinades and cooks Western Australian crayfish in a tandoor, samples the finest wines, cooks truffle and quail soup, Roman eggs, samples the best craft beers and much more.

You can join Chef Maurizio on the trail at 7.30pm on Monday’s.


G’Day SA Travel


Travel around South Australia with the team from G’Day SA Travel.

Featuring the highlights of South Australia’s vibrant tourist scene, if you’re planning your next holiday (or daydreaming about where you could go), then you definitely won’t want to miss this.

You can watch The Halliday Cellar Door on Wednesday nights at 8.30pm, first on Channel 31.


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