For nearly 25 years, Channel 31 has been Melbourne’s home of fishing.

You can catch faces and places on community television that you simply wouldn’t see anywhere else, meaning you might just find a secret spot or technique that hasn’t hit the mainstream yet.

So grab a seat and let yourself relax - Our mates below will keep you company.


Talking Fishing

Bringing together an expert panel of some of Australia’s leading fishing personalities, Talking Fishing offers a fun and informative look into the world of fishing.

Featuring one of the station’s greatest theme songs, join your host David Kramer and guests for the latest hot spots, fishing tips and news that you won’t hear anywhere else!

You can watch Talking Fishing live on Tuesday nights at 8.30pm, only on Channel 31.


 On The Fly


Gavin Hurley is Melbourne’s favourite fly fisher, and he’s ready to share his skills and knowledge with you.

Having hosted chartered tours for more than 15 years, join Gavin and the team on his tours around Australia as he catches fish on some of the prettiest rivers and waterways in the country.

Produced by and for anglers of any kind, come learn the wonder of fishing in a different light.

On The Fly airs every Tuesday at 7.30pm, first on Channel 31.


Andy’s Fishing

Andy’s Fishing is all about exploring, catching, cooking and eating delicious food in the wild.

An Australian exploring the world, Andy’s motto is catch it, cook it and eat it! You can find food and wildlife on Andy’s Fishing that you won’t see anywhere else.

Priding himself on filming amazing adventures for you to watch from the comfort of your own home, this is one you won’t want to miss!

Andy’s Fishing airs every Saturday at 6.30pm.


 That’s Fishing


Hosted by Brian ‘The Colonel’ Sanders, join the That’s Fishing team on an no-holds barred adventure around Australia’s coasts.

Showing you the fishing spots that you can visit too, delight your eyes (and give yourself an adrenaline rush) as The Colonel reels in some brilliant catches.

If your weekly fix isn’t enough, the team also host ‘The Live Well’ direct to Facebook, talking about the latest and greatest in fishing news and tips.

Pre-recorded That’s Fishing episodes air every Saturday at 6pm.


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